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Google Adsense is probably one of the oldest online advertising network and possibly the largest network too. It is very popular between advertisers and publishers as they found Google Adsense the best way to earn money online. One of the reasons that people crave to get approval from AdSense is because of its performance and eCPMs.

Many people fail to get approved by AdSense and they insist to buy an approved account instead. If you are someone who wants to monetize your site with Google Adsense, then you should get this ebook! Don’t worry if you don't have a running website that Google request, this ebook will covers the steps to create your Adsense account and get approved in no time (from 12 hours to 6 days), you don't have to wait all those months just to get approved! If you have unique articles to share online, it is your opportunity to earn with this as it can last long term.

Content Quality: 4.5/5 – Actually the steps are easier to do, all you need is some settings are mentioned in the ebook to ensure you get approved 100%! Yes that’s right, 100%! This ebook also teaches you on how to implement your AdSense into your website if you are completely new to it, don’t worry about the codes and scripts as everything is provided in AdSense and the ebook. There’s also a little hint for you regarding the niche if you have no idea what to start with!

DifficultyMedium – As we all know that it’ll take some time to setup a website, especially you are going to aim for approval in AdSense. So you’ll need to do some work, which is simple if you have this amazing ebook. You will need to follow the steps in the ebook to make sure you get approved too. Once you are familiar with it, you can simply get your AdSense account in a short time!

Language: 4/5 – Basically the languages is just fine. Maybe some grammar mistakes but that is not a big problem at all, really. Maybe you’re total new to this field and you would want to check some words on the google to understand.

Overall: 4.5/5 – Well this is not a “get rich quick” method, but a really useful ebook if you are serious about it. You could earn unexpected amount of cash with AdSense and thats what makes AdSense so popular! This ebook also tells you on how to get a FREE domain name for your newly created website, which increases the chance to get approved by AdSense!

Maybe you will find this ebook useless when you think that you are not going to make a website or you don’t have any views to monetize. But you’re wrong! Monetizing your website with AdSense is just only a way to earn money; you could also sell your approved account on the internet or locally to earn price range from $50 to $100!

Think about it, you can create unlimited accounts for AdSense while the market is so big where many people desperately looking to buy an AdSense account. You could possibly earn up to $500 daily if you create up to 10 accounts a day! I personally recommend you to create your own Google AdSense account and check some ebooks on how to build traffics into your website and also maximize your revenue. In the future, you are able to earn with AdSense PASSIVELY even when you’re asleep. Of course, you can also create accounts for the moment and sell it online!
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