100 to 5000 eBay watchers for Ranking your Higher Listings Higher up in eBay
Welcome to Dionesoderlife's eBay Ranking Method, As you may know, The number of watchers an item has plays a HUGE ROLE in SEO of the item. Therefore, Getting it to the top of the search query and getting it sold Much Faster! 

What I will be doing is artificially inflating your Rank by WATCHING your item from my eBay Accounts.

We offer 100 to 1000 watchers at $10 per hundred. 

Example :

[b]100 Watchers for your eBay item - $10
200 Watchers for your eBay item - $20
300 Watchers for your eBay Item - $30
400 Watchers for your eBay Item - $40
500 Watchers for your eBay Item - $50
600 Watchers for your eBay Item - $60
700 Watchers for your eBay Item - $70
800 Watchers for your eBay Item - $80
900 Watchers for your eBay Item - $90
1000 Watchers for your eBay Item - $100

You will also receive full support with your purchase to make sure you are fully satisfied! Hit me up at [email protected] or My Kik kingdione14 and we'll get you set up with everything you need.

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