20 Must Use Free SEO Tools to Make Your Life and Website Easier
Good morning CPAHero,
I'm sharing a list of tools that run in your browser called bookmarklets or favelets that run entirely in your web browser to perform various website/seo/promotion tasks. These are little scripts that are run in your browser with a single click and don't require installation/extensions/addons/software - completely safe and free to use.

The list has all sorts of tools tools including
  1. Auditing your site and finding SEO, code and content mistakes
  2. Finding broken links on your page
  3. Auditing your site's page load speed and mobile issues and making recommendations to improve it
  4. Pinging your content to get it indexed faster
  5. Finding keyword density on pages
  6. Checking for duplicate content and plagarism of your content or against your content
  7. Finding social media mentions of a page quickly
  8. Identifying which links on a page are no follow
  9. And lots more...

All of this runs in your browser, so there's no tracking, no viruses, no bs.

20+ Free SEO Browser-based tools

Make sure you use a modern browser like Firefox or Chrome as older IE may not work so well with these.
You should add openlinkprofiler . org it's awesome and can be use for stealing edu backlinks
Thanks @GukGukNinja, I'll have a link and see what's possible with that. THanks for sharing.
I just checked and those tools are really helpful
Nice HQ thread
Thanks looking to do this kind of stuff
@He-Man @meliski - glad it could help, and there's tons of possible uses for these!
I just checked and those tools are really helpful
Thanks @enad32, bizarre your message is similar to @He-Man
Awesome information. definitely checking them outz
Where are these seo tools, there is no link to them
@rebound the link is at the bottom of the post - in blue, or Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites..
@RichaMondal - no problem, happy to share!
Thanks bro. nice tutorial. Greats

Great! Gonna try this method nice tutorial. Thanks mate!
@jakejake no problem, happy to share great tools.
Nice Post
Thank you very much BRO Smile
Thank you bro, i would like to test it

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