3 Awesome niches - 211,100 search a month!
Hey everyone, it's been a while since I shared something. So here I am giving out 3 niches that equal out to 211,100 searches a month combined. If you know how to rank properly.. You could be looking at $8,000 - $10,000 a month. So here they are:

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Thanks for giving such a nice niches second one is best
Thank you for posting these man i hope they are worth the unlock
Thanks for posting this mate Smile
Good. niches. will try out. hoping good.
Just unlocked, going to give them a try for sure.
Hey thanks for your contribution
@MadHatter awesome share man, but it is really hard to rank on google these days really.
Thanks a lot mate. let's try it
Thanks for sharing, hope it work
Yeah! Bro They are really Awesome.
If a good member can teach me how to create a landing page I'll donate $5 PayPal to him...
Thank you very much ! Will test
Wow..!! Looks like a Cool KW... Let's Earn Some Money guys..... Smile
Nice monthly views if it is buyer niche also
Would you guys please tell me how to find new niches?

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