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4,000 Users + 40,000 Posts!
To celebrate reaching 4,000 users and 40,000 posts, we are paying an extra 4 cents for the next 24 hours!

Total rate with sponsor, 12 cents per post.

Thanks for helping us become the fastest growing affiliate marketing content locking forum!

[Image: ideh.png]
Congrats CPAHero i hope we'll grow more & i think we already are #1 CPA forum :D
Its not only about we grow fast but the content here are really a great one i learnt much than i expect exchange earning method really i apreciate everymate here thank you so much
That is very fast
4000 member in this short time its great
and thanx for this nice offer
Cpahero is growing pretty fast, this is good for us :P and more sponsor is coming on our way.
The rates are already towering and the community is growing fast day by day.
More sponsors and advertisers will b attracted and as a result current rates will increase even more..
That is good.Amazingly Good.
Congratulations to CPAHERO.COM and also to the owner of this!
Actually before I didn't think that this site will reach this amount but I am wrong!

More power to this community! Godbless to everyone and thanks for creating this wonderful forum @admin!
Well am happy that i joined this forum the hope that i can contribute as much as i can.
Great achievement by CPAhero. congrats Admin for it.
Congrats. This is the best forum I've ever registered to! :D
Congratulations for that Admin :D
From success to success ;)
Congratz to cpahero, I'm happy cpahero reached that in just few months. one of the greatest forum ever
Good luck and i hope it will be no 1 CPA Forum.
Congrats :D Good job Peacekeeper :D
Congratulations to CPAHero! Best forum evarr! :D
Wow! Great job! This forum is growing and growing Smile
Congrats admin on believing and taking action! I hope that this will inspire not only forum"ers" but also cpa users to keep believing and taking action!
Congratulations on CPAHero's and our wonderful members on hitting this milestone! Let's try and hit 75k?
Hopefully it will grow even larger!
Wishing all the best for the forum and hope it will be a big family soon filled with only HQ content Smile
24 Hours not Completed Yet and Iam not Recieving 12 cent. just recieving only 7 cent...

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