7 Steps To Making $10,000 Using One Facebook Group
Hey guys I just wanted to share this with you. I posted it on my blog because IT WORKS!! I've made a ton of money with this dead simple method, so I really hope you enjoy :Smile

Here’s How It Works
  • Create Your Facebook Group – Whatever that exciting thing may be, you must create a Facebook group around it. BE SURE to give it a nice name along with some cool graphics from a site like Canva. The better your group looks, the more people will take you serious.
  • Build Up Anticipation By Making a Promise – There has to be something that you’re really excited about that would also make others excited. Example: New digital product, new book release, or a new exciting company launch! Well if there is then you should launch it the CORRECT way if you’re going to tell people about it anyways. With that being said, Facebook groups will be your best friend to help craft this launch into some very serious money, only if you take it serious. What I’m saying is, people can see right through you if you’re full of BS. 
I have a CPA Marketing course coming, so what am I doing? Posting on Facebook to build anticipation + sending people over to my new Facebook group.
  • Make People Join Your New Group – Here’s when you start building up your group. After you’ve made a solid promise, you will then start to send people over to your newly created Facebook group. Once you have people joining your group, you can either have a nice little freebie waiting for them or just keep them updated with what’s to come. Either one works fine! 
  • Motivate Your Members – Talking about how much your upcoming project is going to help your new members will not only make them LOVE you, but it will also get them very excited with what’s to come. This will be the step where you’ll have a chance to gain LONG TERM followers for many years to come. I’ve had people follow me for the past 3 years by applying this very step here. No matter what, MAKE SURE you’re always delivering value to your new group of people or you will only set yourself up for failure and ruin your reputation. 
  • Set A Launch Date – Set yourself a launch date & fill your new group in on the big day. I usually do 2 weeks to 1 month out, but your launch date will be completely up to you. If you choose a date that’s too soon, you could cause your new project to flop because it will be rushed. So be sure to give yourself enough time to prepare something great for your future customers. 
  • Warning Post – Just 12 hours before launch, you will warn your new members that there’s only a limited amount of spots. This is great because it will create scarcity. This will simply make people ACT FAST, and nobody wants to miss out on what could help them start a new life.
  • Launch Day – On launch day, you will post your sales page to deliver the goods. Once you make your post, just watch the sales roll in while you sit back and relax….There’s no better feeling!
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