A good list of compaies that dropship to ebay and amazon
So I have been looking at drop shipping these past few days and it has peaked my interest. I have been looking to experiment with drop shipping to see if this works out for me the only problem is that I have only found a few companies that would do ok with the profit margin not being that high. for example walmart to ebay i found some headphones that cost 69.99 on the walmart site and on ebay they are selling for 80 to a 90 dollars in which case if you drop ship you will make around 10-20 dollars profit not including all of the ebay and paypal expenses. What I'm looking for is a list of wholesale companies that I can use to drop ship to ebay or amazon. I have already looked into doba and other companies like this but after doing some research i have found out there are not legit and they require a mebership fee which is way to pricey. anyways I was wondering If anyone had a good list of companies that I could use for drop shipping that I could just buy one item at a time are the orders came.
If you are looking to get into dropshipping, then be prepared to do a lot of research. Yes, there are good dropshippers out there, but they are few and far between. The number one thing to look for is RELIABILITY, as your entire business success rests on how good your supplier is with inventory and problem-free shipping.

Another thing to consider is focusing on a good niche. A guy I know is doing well focusing solely on Playstation games. Another does jewelry. Don't try to be all things to all people.

Good luck!
Thanks I am trying it now but at first you might need a decent budget to start out cuz paypal are holding ur funds
Lol no problem there are many opportunities like this BUT if you find a wholesale dropshipper then 10X $$$$ walmart
to amazon is awesome but wholesale better
I suggest you to read this post , you may find some examples to help you, this is NO LOCK post
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