Ad-Networks: the Ultimate Unbiased Review
If you’re a newly crowned Media Buyer, you know how hard it is to choose the right ad-network. There seem to be hundreds of different choices and that kind of clouds your judgement, making it tough to decide which one is actually the right one for you.

That’s why we’re gonna share this unbiased review with you, listing the pros and cons of three of the most well-known ad-networks around.

1. Exoclick: This is the best and most complete adult ad-network. They provide you lots of stats and data for you to be able to make the best decision when optimizing your campaigns. The network is huge. They have several high quality websites and good volumes in various spots. There are many ways to explore the traffic and, most importantly, they’ve got one of the mediabuyer’s best friends: SmartCPM!


[Image: Exoclick1.jpg]

2. TrafficFactory: This adnetwork has two websites only: and However, don’t even think their volumes are small. In fact, you can spend as much money here as on Exoclick. TrafficFactory’s worst flaw are the spots: 338×235, 928×244 and 180×1030. You’ll only find them here but, trust me, once you get used to the way the platform works, you’ll think it’s really interesting. In addition, they have an AdRate to measure your position according to the competition. That’s a mix of your bid and your CTR. You know what that means? Either work carefully on your banners or be ready to empty your pockets!


[Image: TrafficFactory.jpg]

3. Ero-advertising: They’ve got experience, knowledge and inventory. The platform could be more organized and easy to work on but it’s quite good. You have tons of parameters on the campaign planner as well as targets to explore and “play” with. The network is also pretty huge and you can blacklist Adspots or domains, create campaigns for only one website (they call it “CPM campaigns”) and buy Flats. Get used to Ero-advertising and you’ll see that green really is the colour of money!


[Image: Ero-ads.jpg]

Hope this info has helped you decide on which ad-network can be your future choice!

Remember: ad-networks are super important.

Without them, Media Buy is nothing but a dream that's never gonna become a reality.

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