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Adtrafico: The freshest offers, illegally high rates, Net7 payments, friendly support
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We are pleased to introduce Keitaro - an ultimate traffic tracker.
Optimize advertising campaigns, analyze acquisition channels, control CPA funnels, target the audience. All-in-one place.

Keitaro advantages:

AB-testing, targeting and sales funnels;
Link and Bot protection;
Postbacks with affliate networks and S2S Postbacks;
Custom filters, action scripts and macros;
Black and white lists;
Reports are exported to CSV and HTML files;
Click API, Admin API and multiusers;
Users support via Telegram, online chat and email.

Great offer for Adtrafico partners - use special promo code and buy Keitaro account with 20% discount!

Get in touch with our managers on Skype to get your bonus.
We'd like to present our best performing offers of this week in the Dating category!

• [MOB] Meetmilfy SOI /CA, Payout: $2.45, EPC: $0.11, CR: 4.7%
• [MOB] HornyContacts SOI /US EXCLUSIVE, Payout: $1.30, EPC: $0.06, CR: 5.3%
• [WEB] HornyContacts SOI /AU EXCLUSIVE, Payout: $3.20, EPC: $0.12, CR: 3.9%
• [MOB] PlaisirExpress SOI /CA, Payout: $2.50, EPC: $0.10, CR: 4.1%
• [MOB] s3x SOI /FR, Payout: $2.25, EPC: $0.21, CR: 9.7%
Our Dating category has been replenished with new offers for Tier-1 countries and MOB/WEB devices:

• ContactosRapidos SOI /ES:

[Image: qpIswe9.png]

Payout MOB: $1.45  
Payout WEB: $1.60

• BeNaughty SOI /AU:

[Image: CN1yrfH.png]

Payout MOB: $3.80  
Payout WEB: $3.60

• PlaisirExpress SOI /CA:

[Image: K0QC5Tw.png]

Payout MOB: $2.50  
Payout WEB: $3.00
Our current top offers in the Mobile category are just perfect for your mobile traffic:

• [MOB] Win an iPhone XS MO /PY [Personal, Tigo, Claro], Payout: $0.80, EPC: $0.01, CR: 1.6%
• [MOB] Win an iPhone XS MO /KE [Safaricom, Airtel], Payout: $1.75, EPC: $0.02, CR: 1.1%
• [MOB+WEB] Vistafun iPhone XS MO /SI [All carriers], Payout: €2.80, EPC: $0.04, CR: 1.2%
• [MOB] Win an iPhone XS MO /IE [Meteor, H3G, O2], Payout: $7.20, EPC: $0.12, CR: 1.7%
• [MOB] iPhone XS Pin submit /SI [All carriers], Payout: $3.20, EPC: $0.11, CR: 3.5%
[Image: MsawTWV.png]

Please welcome RichPush - push-notification advertising network created by AdMachine.
With RichPush you can deliver push-notifications to 200 000 000 users all over the world. Recommended CPC for 80% geo is $0.01 only.

Why RichPush?

campaign setup support;
in-house conversion tracking;
CPA/CPI optimization algorithm;
fast approval.

Want to try RichPush right now? Just ask our AMs to hook you up with our special promo code and get 15% off your first billing cycle today!

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