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Adtrafico: The freshest offers, illegally high rates, Net7 payments, friendly support
New Friday - new Sweepstakes offers at Adtrafico! Check them out:

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Apple Store $1000 SOI /US, Payout: $2.45 

[Image: jiHgOnR.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Blank Voucher 1000€ SOI /IT, Payout: €0.80

[Image: W4v7wqD.png]

• [MOB+WEB] iPhone XS & XS Max SOI /DK, Payout: €3.25

[Image: TbAb7S7.png]

• [MOB+WEB] NCC - eBike ₤1000 SOI /UK, Payout: $2.40

[Image: Pl6pTWL.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Amazon gift card SOI /AU, Payout: $2.80 

[Image: qtxtLnO.png]
Running top offers is always a good idea, especially if they're in our Sweepstakes category - with excellent conversion rates for every country.

[Image: WFfp6Da.png]

• [MOB+WEB] S&P - Amazon $1000 Summer SOI /US, Payout: $2.45, EPC: $0.22, CR: 9.0%
• [MOB+WEB] Willys SOI /SE, Payout: €3.20, EPC: $0.29, CR: 8.1%
• [MOB+WEB] Samsung Galaxy S10 /CZ, Payout: $15.00, EPC: $0.13, CR: 0.9%
• [MOB+WEB] iPhone X SOI /TW, Payout: €0.50, EPC: $0.06, CR: 11.8%
• [MOB+WEB] SB - iPhone XS SOI /IT, Payout: €1.60, EPC: $0.11, CR: 6.5%
With the nice weather, you'll be tempted to spend your weekends outside without thinking about how to convert your traffic. Our new Sweepstakes offers take the guesswork out of your conversions, so you can enjoy the long weekend, and make bank:

• [MOB+WEB] Samsung Galaxy S10 SOI /DK, Payout: €3.20

[Image: 2IAbgg4.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Jysk 10.000kr SOI /SE, Payout: €3.20

[Image: IsadqEa.png]

• [MOB+WEB] iPhone XS SOI /US, Payout: $2.40

[Image: VW7URe6.png]

• [MOB+WEB] MacBook SOI /TW, Payout: €0.50 

[Image: aNkqYeg.png]

• [MOB+WEB] Lidl SOI /ES, Payout: €0.90

[Image: hG3dKFe.png]

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