Another adult url shortener
“Another adult url shortener?” Not quite!

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WE ALSO PUBLISH YOUR SHORTENED LINK ON OUR OWN ADULT WEBSITES! provides an unique service for webmasters working in the adult niche which will not only boost their daily earnings but will also drive a lot of clicked traffic to their websites!
How does this work? Just like any other url shortener, you can simply copy and paste your (free adult content) gallery or video links to the shortener form. After that you can publish your shortened gallery links to over 10+ high traffic adult websites with just a few clicks. The results? Getting clicked website visitors to your websites AND get paid for each visitor!
What makes stand out from the rest is that you no longer have to promote (or spam!) your shortened on social media or message boards. already lets you publish your links within their own adult network.
With just a little effort and just a few clicks you’ll start earning right away. Published (shortened) links will remain active forever. You as publisher will get free life time traffic to your websites and get paid for it. Where are you waiting for? Start using to monetize your free content pages!
The beaver referral program is a great way to spread the word about our awesome services and to earn even more. Refer your buddy webmasters or content owners and get 10% of their earnings for life! We offer multiple hosted referral banners (you can find them in your personal user dashboard).
Unlike other AD networks, our minimum payout is set to just $2.50. The minimum payout is set very low so even the really small beavers amongst us can make a little extra lunch money.
Payout on daily base (upon request, once the minimal withdraw amount has been reached) by Paypal, Paxum and bank wire transfer for a few EU countries.

LINK: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
Don't think i've seen an adult url shortner before.

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