Artist Turned IM'er [Journey]
Long story short, I make music, so often enough I don't take enough time learning & growing in CPA as a side hustle (for now it's a priority for the time being).
Recently, my laptop crashed, blue screen, because of a mic issue. Long story short Im working to earn new system. I told myself that I must get heavy into CPA, as much as I've been dabbling with it, I must & I will earn something. So I thought long & hard about a niche, scratching out anything that I don't focus on (ex. like gaming, movies, anything timely & general). Got a few tools, bought a few domains, bought some hosting, realized I wasn't focused on those certain niches, so Im stuck with a few, refunded what I could. I must earn for new system, plane tickets, new phone. For now new computer system, super urgent.

[EDIT]: Thought long & very hard about how to come about this, figured I combine different elements of cpa & leasing instrumentals. So far this month the only money I made this month was from leasing ALONE lmao. Good thing I came across a thread that discouraged investing until the results are seen, very important to know. Thank you whoever it was.

Computer System: PURCHASED
Proof: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. &
Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
Good luck. I use OGads. It works well for me. Just find a niche that works and scale it!
Day 1

-Woke up early to do other chore work, started the mp campaign about an hour ago.
-Sold an exclusive lease today but paypal is currently f*****g the life out of my account that Im using.

*Major account issues with paypal, will request check after some funds have been cleared, ugh.

Day 2

F*** F**8 f888 f888. I feel stumped as f****9. Had a very good targeted niche, about to buy domain, about to make landing page, then went ;all to s***. Luckily I have a couple domains i purchased from weeks before but the niches are saturated or whatver blah blah yada yada yah.

Altering route & going with spamming Facebook groups.
Good luc kmate, hopefully everyone will go right for you.
[Image: 520b5064f0b1a40740023239b17ffb9a.png]

at this rate, gotta go blackhat. ugghhhhgghghghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Any updates for us on this? Have you been earning more?
Yeah, are you there bro? Smile I need to know how is it going with your earnings! Smile
Hey fellas, purchased the new system back in like June 1st or 2nd, now working on site to make some automated earnings, combining all sites from over the years, this will be ultra fun, will update often here.
Interesting ... I'll be watching for your updates.
Good to see a musician who is willing to do something out of his passion. Most musicians I know are broke and desperate. Best of luck to you.
Looks like you've got lots of motivation to get those profits haha. Good luck!
Have not quit for shit lmafaoaoo, eventually flew from state to state to state with my ni****, now need enough to rent place for a few months, now this is a winter hustle, sorry for not updating for a WHILE, im either focused heavy on the making music, boosting social media, making music videos, doing features, all music-related, but NOT yet at that point where i make living from it (obv) lol. PLUS, it would not make sense at all to jus DROP CPA when more music funds get made, like why? Still havent [email protected] the two worlds together, &that's the focus for the rest of this fall/winter.

Anyways, Im in Texas with my artist right now, focusing on growing his numbers up so we both get more opportunities at the same time. Still a bunch of details Im leaving out on how/what Im using because all the stuff I said I was using before Im pretty sure I dropped at this point. xD
[Image: BKIQwuU.png]

After months/years of trial n error+driven focus... It's starting.

Edit, it happend again: Incredible oooooowwwweeeeeee [Image: n1lUu20.png]
Looking good just keep on going. Question what network are the screens from?

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