BEsT LaPtoP To learn CoDinG >/< ?!!
Hi Guys,

In need of advice here; What's the bestest laptop to learn coding with and still use after finishing the course?
Probably the most expensive to the cheapest.
Will Appreciate the Input.
Any laptop will do. I used to code on my 15 year old IBM Thinkpad...
@Asmodeus, am grateful Smile.. My worry is, am not just doing basic coding, its the deep stuff, coz with time i'll transition to programming n the last thing i need is the laptop being a disappointment.. Smile
Any laptop with atleast 1TB of storage and a minimum of 8GB RAM will work good for coding.
@chriselnenepr, am grateful, will definitely keep that in mind when shopping for one.. Smile
What kind of coding are you planning on learning? 

There are amazing web based tools like Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. and others available so that you don't need to install SDKs and IDEs on your own laptop/PC any more. You can just spin up something free, online. Another one is Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites., it has more a whole lot more "stacks", environments that you can build upon, including Python.

They get so many of the hassles and frustrations of setting up the development environment out of the way, allowing you to get to the frustrations and hassles of learning your language of choice.
Personally, I can near enough code on any type of laptop.

However, I feel like I code best when I'm on my main PC.

(Keyboard: Razer Mechanical black widow)
If you consider developing advanced graphically games probably go with some gaming PC or laptop. If you are planning to make websites or mobile apps I was developing mobile apps on Acer v3-571g and it was enough but sometimes I get nervous as it is kind of crappy ^^. Now I have laptop with SSD and 16 GB RAM and it is great. If you do not need mobillity go with station PC it will be cheaper and the CPU will be more effective.

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