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I have not been on CPAHero for a while, but I figured I would come back and see what is new in the world of bitcoin gathering. I am noticing a lot of posts that link to faucets that no longer exist, or methods that are simply outdated. 

I do not have a particularly nice site, but I am working on it. I do however have a list of my current favorite faucets that I know are working. I check this list at least once a week and try to add to it weekly. 

To make up for the posts linking to dead faucets, here is my post of my favorite faucets

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You should probably put some payment proof on your site to show that you are making anything at all as I've never seen anyone boast big earnings with these things. They're generally as bad as PTC's.

Recently a few of my sites on one particular server got h*cked by a moron who added some stupid coin mining code to hijack my visitor's CPU. I looked into it and found out the poor sap was only earning the equivalent of 70 cents per 1000 visits. I kinda feel bad for the guy if that's the best form of monetization he can come up with. The money site of mine that he was exploiting earns a minimum of $100+ per 1000 visits while he only gained 70 cents from those same visits. Some people clearly don't understand the right way to make money online.

Anyway, welcome back! Smile

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