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Hi There,

We are happy to welcome you at the Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. financial affiliate program of the Binomo trading platform. The company has been operating on the market since 2014. BinPartner doesn’t only mean unique working conditions, but also maximum profit!

BinPartner partners are offered 3 tariffs to choose from:

1. 50% of the revenue share from all the partner's client deposits.
2. CPA up to $500.
3. CPL under individual conditions.

as well as:

- stable payments every Thursday;
- the minimum amount for withdrawals is only $10;
- highly qualified managers;
- a broad gallery of ready promotional materials;
- a referral program;
- real-time statistics;
- the ability to work with any type of traffic;
- withdrawals with popular EPS;
- commissions covered by the company;
- a mobile app for Android and iOS.

The affiliate program works with traffic from different countries.

Why BinPartner?
Cooperation with BinPartner is convenient for any webmaster or arbitrator. It doesn’t matter if you have experience in a financial niche or not. The highly qualified managers of the affiliate program will gladly help and advise you on any issue.

Start working immediately: there is no need to go through any interviews, you can begin immediately after signing up.

All partners have the unique opportunity to order exclusive promo materials, thematic articles for a specific resource for any locale, and that’s not all. The gallery of ready-made promo materials is also always available for use.

Still have questions? Write to us!

Contact information:

Skype: live:elizaveta.shishkina

Skype: live:svetlana.savkina
Looking forward to seeing you and your friends ✌

When your friends become partners of Binomo, you earn through the referral program. Ask your personal manager for details!

Into the new year with new logos

We have an updated “Promo” section for you! There aren't any old logos there now, only the new ones. And they're available in any size. Choose what you want and use them actively to attract new Binomo clients!

[Image: Qlr3sgUrQ8c.jpg]
New Year's will soon be here, so it's time to sum up the year.

In 2018, we:

- gave away $300,000 in prizes;
- started working in five new countries;
- 25 843 new partners.

Our team is infinitely glad that you're working with us! We are grateful to you for the new clients and we'll do everything we can so that in 2019, we can achieve even greater success together!

Over the New Year's holidays, payments will be made as usual! On Thursday, January 3, you will receive the funds you earned for the previous week as usual.

We will continue working in Russia!
It's true, we are more interested in other countries, but we'll still accept traffic from Russia.

New Year's restart!
Have friends who aren't working with us yet? Engage them soon and get good referrals! Moreover, there's a great reason to do so: starting January 14, we will again launch a contest for new partners for traffic from Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, and India. Sign-up of participants in BinPartner will open on January 1. Every Monday we will choose winners to receive large monetary prizes. Get the details from your personal manager!

Happy New Year!

[Image: nUYHWalPVlg.jpg]
Charge your motivation

Do you think that only partners with a lot of experience can earn well? Beginners can also make a profit for attracting clients from their first days of work. Not sure? Read a true story about a new partner, get inspired, and drive even more traffic! 

Take care of your profits!

Our partners work hard and for that, they regularly receive payments in their accounts. Of course, fraudsters sometimes try to [email protected] them. We always send notifications about changes of passwords or payment information to your email. So please make sure you entered it correctly. If there's a problem, your personal manager will help undefined It’s impossible to [email protected] a complex password on our website. That's why you should change your easy password and double check all your information!

The BinPartner team

[Image: oGW0pRQhACM.jpg]
New Year's continues!

While we're all just getting over the holidays, in Vietnam they are just about to celebrate New Year's! Of course, we have a cool Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. for this event.

Traders can double their deposit using the promo code TET2019 and get a chance to win a Binomo branded hat.

And affiliates are an excellent information method that will definitely come in handy in an advertising campaign for Vietnam. See the promo page and use it to attract new clients!

Yoo-hoo! We've got something new!

A new Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. for Indonesia! Just wonderful.

We keep it balanced!

In order to avoid issues with account crediting, we've made Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. for India, Indonesia, and Vietnam! Very simple and straightforward. Download them on our YouTube channel and show them to your new clients.

The BinPartner team

[Image: uZinsm2zuD4.jpg]
Did you carefully study the affiliate agreement? It's time to learn more about our relationship!

We just translated our site into Spanish. So you can now safely attract Spanish referrals and know they'll definitely understand everything ☺️

We analyzed audiences and ranked the highest conversion countries. Want to know how you can get started in these countries? Ask your manager!

The BinPartner team

[Image: 3yKJnLiaDdQ.jpg]
Dear partners!

We are happy to inform you that we have sent your payments of funds earned over the period from 04.02 to 10.02. Please check your wallets.

Our news :

— we happen to be launching a contest for new affiliates! We're giving away prizes for traffic from Brazil:

1. Iphone XR 64Gb
2. Apple Watch Series 4 44mm
3. AirPods

We're starting on February 18! By the way, conversion in Brazil has already reached 17%! Interested in working with this country? Write to your manager now!

— Brazil isn't the only profitable country to work with. Attract new clients from CIS countries! As soon as you start working with these countries, you'll get bonuses from us! Write to your manager to learn more about everything.

The BinPartner team

[Image: 265538740jpg]
Dear partners!
We are happy to inform you that we have sent your payments of funds earned over the period from 11.02 to 17.02.

Our news:

— carnival of prizes!

• iPhone XR
• Apple Watch
• AirPods

Drive traffic from Brazil and participate in a competition! We will sum up the results on March 18.

— promo materials to help you attract your audience. Just make a few clicks.

The BinPartner team

[Image: ox-_NSxkRMo.jpg]
Dear partners!

We are happy to inform you that we have sent your payments of funds earned over the period from 18.02 to 24.02. Please check your wallets.

Our news :

— want to increase conversion, but don't know where to find active traders? We've gathered some useful statistics for you! Study them and choose a few new directions for yourself;

— hey, newbie! 200 million people live in Brazil, so how many new traders can you attract from this country? Take part in competitions and win a prize! And if you've been with us for a long time, bring your friends: more people means more traffic.

The BinPartner team

[Image: qH1wpm_1Ug0.jpg]
1. Until the end of March for traffic from these countries, we're giving +20% on the basic rate. To make it easier for you, we updated the statistics by country:

• Kazakhstan
• Ukraine
• Kyrgyzstan
• Brazil
• Belarus
• Turkey
• Indonesia
• Vietnam

2. We've updated the main Binomo app for iOS. Mobile traffic is currently the most popular - we give you our word Smile  Attract traders via mobile and beat your conversion record!

The BinPartner team

[Image: PfPloDkM28A.jpg]
1. For effective advertising and creatives with millions of impressions, we've made new banners of different sizes.

2. The chart has been updated in the web version of the trade room. It now has older time frames on it. Now candles are formed from 15 minutes to 30 days!

The BinPartner team

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