Brand New Noob Friendly Method to Earn 5$+ a day with Blogger
Want a brand new noob friendly method to earn 5$+ a day with Blogger?

Make a new gmail account - then create a brand new

Pick a niche try to look into the future so by the time your content is released your blog will have tons of back links and content.

Lets say our niche is Watch Logan 2017 Movie Online Free

make a blogger with a trailer and high quality pictures of the film so that it looks professional do not spam your blog make it simple but high quality.

After your blog looks appealing and visitors want to search further to watch an unseen trailer or cut part of the film in your blog put a locker on it.

URL and Content Lockers from CPAgrip and CPAlead work well. Customize your locker with a background that matches your niche.

The key is to make the url or content locker blend in with your blog so it doesn't seem like the visitor is filling out an email submit to make you $$$ but that it is part of the blog.

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SEO direct traffic social media and also forum traffic is good.

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