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So awhile ago I posted Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. in a thread about my frustration in trying to find a bulk email service that could handle my list without it costing a fortune everytime I wanted to get a message out. There were so many choices that I got a headache reviewing them all, but either they were too expensive or had too many requirements to deal with. I needed someone to manage my list and send out what I needed in a timely manner.

Simply put, ALL affiliate marketers at some point will NEED a place to send out their bulk email messages

Well, I finally found a solution! I found Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

You don't need to register or verify your domain to place an order. They send mail on your behalf and it's Simple – Hassle Free – Fast!

Some features listed on their site:

Perfect for affiliate marketing / General marketing/product promotion or any other purpose

All emails are delivered right to inbox

All emails extensions are accepted

Full sending report provided & can be downloaded in excel format

Spam email filtering for best sending practice

Maintain zero bounce rate

Fast order delivery

No extra verification needed (DKIM / SPF or domain)

Try Free Bulk Mail Sending Service (No card required / No registration required)

*** Check it out at Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

[Image: bulk-mail-service.png]

Another important service they offer is verification of your list before sending. It is highly recommended by top internet marketers to remove all spam and invalid emails from the list. Inactive email does not make any profit, but stick you with a bad sending reputation. They can verify bulk email lists at the lowest price for best quality emails!

Features :

Remove all spam emails from the list

Filter all bounce mail from the list

Check toxic domains that are already abused

Accurate detection

Keep only zero bounce mail list that is left

*** Check out email verification service and prices - Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

[Image: verify-email-list.png]

I sent out a test run of over 27000 emails and it was easy as pie! All I did was give them my list and they cleaned it and then sent my message out to the recipients with no issues at all. ZERO drops!!!


SPECIAL: If any member of CPAhero who doesn't already have their own mailing list would like to use my almost 28000 email list through the above service for a small fee, then simply send me a PM and I'll help you out.

It's time to make MONEY!!
NOTE: This works best with money making niches, like bizopps, and gaining referrals.

Just be sure to use a strong landing page. Smile

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