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Bullion (CBX) >>> rebranding to "bullion" | 2018 Roadmap published
In writing the white paper for the BPN implementation, I have been back and forth with the team regarding the current voting poll (cost for a BPN). Yes, a BPN should be an investment and the earning potential will justify the investment, however this is not the only consideration. I bring this point up because the 2k CBX option is presently leading.

The issue I have with this is that in order for us to maintain PoSP and implement BPN, we must split the network coins so we can allow different interest earnings percentages for each function (BPNs should earn more as they provide more services to the network).

Essentially this means splitting the 1 million total CBX into halves of 500k CBX each. One half would be used for PoSP at 1% annual inflation (interest earnings projected from this would be in the 3-6% annual range). The other half for BPN would be at 3% annual inflation so the two would balance out to our 2% inflationary target.

Additionally to make BPN operation more lucrative, we will limit the total number of BPNs to max out at 250k CBX (1/4 of the network). This means that if all of the BPN slots are filled, the absolute minimum interest earnings would be 6% per year. Going off of our PoSP history, we can extrapolate that the return will actually be 3-6 times higher than the inflationary rate from the BPN half therefore rewarding in the projected range of 9-18% yearly for BPN operators.

So with this outlined we come back to the current survey. If we set a BPN cost at 2k CBX, then the maximum number of nodes we can have on the network would be 125. If however we set BPN cost at 500 CBX, then we can have a maximum of 500 BPN on the network and better decentralization.

Feel free to provide any input you want heard from the team regarding this subject: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

Chris Mrozek (Founder of CBX)
New poll posted; Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. this time taking under consideration the proposed segmentation of the total CBX money offer, allowing only 250 000 CBX to take part in the global BPN network, this poll now also focuses on "how many nodes do you feel are necessary to maintain a healthy CBX network".

As before, the amount of temporarily locked CBX should be high, but the higher we set this mark, the less nodes will be securing the network. So, please choose, this time focusing on those 2 essential parameters at the same time.

Also remember that, with CBX's BPN network, regular non masternode nodes (regular online staking Vaults) will also be allowed to secure the network; although the block reward will be higher for actual BPNs.

The Crypto Bullion Team
Stage 1 of CBX 2017 Road-map update:

Coding for the hardfork to implement BPNs is almost complete (75%) and will soon begin internal testing. Next steps after completion will be as follows:
• Auto bootstrap load / trouble shooting tool integration into Vault build
• QR support
• GUI redesign and addition of in wallet metrics

The Crypto Bullion Team
Official CBX bootstrap updated to today. Download from the OP here or website if you need it.

Also, we are still looking for donation for CBX Dev fund, see below:

Donate to the CBX Foundation Development Fund:

One critical piece of the outlined 2017 road-map is to put in place a self funding mechanism for continued development. The current plan is to create a 10k superblock at the time of the hardfork occurring in August/September to be used for a dev operated BPN from which interest earnings would fuel ongoing CBX development, advertising, etc. However, this is not ideal as it could potentially create an issue with exchange listing policies or negative perception/issues for investors. Resultant to this, it has been suggested to create a donation address to gather these funds from the community. In response to this suggestion the below address has been created to accept donations. The goal is 10k CBX. We will report periodically on progress towards the goal.

CBX Donation Address: 5jMKPEvPoHN4UNQEyEh9n84ZPdaQBMzfuZ

[center][Image: 3zsRJyj.png][/center]

The Crypto Bullion Team
Thank you all for the support...

[Image: UNX4MEH.png]

The Crypto Bullion Team
Currently, we have a semi-operational new Vault, as we have to adjust the network interaction between the new Vault software when put in same network and running side-by-side with current 2.4.3 Vaults. This is important to allow a period of time where both Vaults will be running side-by-side on same network, before the phase 1 hard fork; also means things will be similar, network-wise, even after the hard fork.

Let's review the requirements for phase 1 of 2017 roadmap:

- Transaction anonymity still needs testing
- Correction of memory usage issue is done  :D
- New Vault build with auto bootstrap loader is done  ;D
- Self-Funding has been taken care of by community (thanks, guys!)  ;D
- Full QR-code support is currently at 50% (new Vault generates a QR-Code, but can't yet read QR-codes using a PC cam or portable PC's cam)
- GUI complete revamp is still underway

The Crypto Bullion Team
Roadmap 2017 report!

Tying up loose ends and resolving nagging problems, as we are getting closer to Alpha testing...

The peer problem has been resolved; now the Vault 3.0 communicates perfectly with existing 2.4.3 Vaults - we have hit another stumbling block (!) with historic block 393, which is causing a problem to new Vault and we are addressing this before we can move on with the next step.

The Crypto Bullion Team
Roadmap 2017 report!

We have noticed that the old opcode interpreter from the previous Vault is the source of a few problems, including the problem with block 383.

It is unfortunately necessary to rewrite this opcode interpreter, so Vault 3.0 functions well in its new BPN environment; if we do not rewrite this part of the software, there might be weird glitches down the line, as seen in the block 383 problem.

Work continues on GUI as well, I'll keep you posted!

The Crypto Bullion Team
Roadmap 2017 status report!

The opcode interpreter rewriting is now complete; now that we have changed many parameters, we need now to revisit how these subroutines are referenced and check each and every one of the opcode calls; this is one week of work, give or take. After this we will be attacking the GUI interface, to be followed by alpha-testing and subsequent required debugging.

The CBX community members who would like to participate in the alpha-testing of the new Vault (under strict non-disclosure rules), please contact me. Naturally, alpha testing simulations will not have any impact on existing CBX balances.

The Crypto Bullion Team
Roadmap 2017 status report!

As we know already, the opcode interpreter rewriting is complete; all internal calls to this new opcode interpreter have been rechecked and modified when necessary.

We are moving forward, because now I am happy to report that we are at the stage where we are running the Vault 3.0 live and attempting to make it synchronise organically from scratch from the online 2.4.3 Vaults (syncing right from the start, CBX genesis block) - naturally the first attempt to sync did not work, so we made adjustments and, so far so good with second attempt, as this is ongoing as I write these lines.  Remember that Vault 2.4.3 could never sync alone without bootstrap - so this will be an important improvement.

What is left to do after this is to finalize the GUI interface; but alpha testing can begin even with an incomplete GUI. Thank you for all volunteers who offered to run the testnet of Vault 3.0 with us, we will contact you shortly, should be next week or the week after for the final live testnet. This test will be the perfect opportunity for constructive criticism, and the perfect time to customize the Vault to how we want it - so we are still open for more testers, if more want to join.

Thank you all for your faith in our project, going through and rewriting thousands of lines of code is a tremendous task, as one can imagine.

The Crypto Bullion Team
Hello family Crypto Bullion

Secondary projects are still being developed to improve our CBX.

Not only do we the team improve the currency, the community as well.

* Binary Options

* Stock Market Tournament

* Phone recharging solutions

* Investment platform

* Etc.

[Image: Ikj9XPg.jpg]

[Image: 4SvtbuH.jpg]

Participants to the CBX contest are working hard still to finish up their projects involving CBX, before the October 15th deadline so they have a chance to earn the 500$!

We are happy to remain part of this second stage for CBX.

Thanks for your comprehension...

The Crypto Bullion Team
Hey Bullionaires, Join The Creative CBX Contest for Positive Momentum!

$500 reward for finding uses for CBX, in new sites and applications, paid by the CBX team.


    Any site or app using CBX for the first time is eligible to win
    Post your site or app on the CBX forum. Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
    The community will vote on a winner on Sept 1, 2017
    Site or App must be available to the public and be working/running by Sept 1, 2017
    $500 paid in BTC at the end

Examples of entries:

    Existing sites that accept CBX for the first time
    New CBX apps
    New sites that use CBX
    CBX YouTube videos or ads that can be shared

Feel free to post works in progress, status updates on your project, etc. on the CBX forum. The more you post on the CBX forum the more the community can get behind you and help make your project a success. Prize awarded in BTC so that the winner can buy more CBX!

**Bonus contest - every tweet or post using #500USDforCBX is an entry to win $100 worth of CBX. Winner chosen at random so the more you tweet, retweet, or post, the higher chances you have of winning.


3 more days until we take the entries we have and submit to the jury (dev team and event sponsor)

has everybody submitted their up and running CBX project for the Creative CBX Contest?

The Crypto Bullion Team
CBX Creative Contest Deadline!

Hello fellow Bullionnaires

As we had agreed, October 15th was the final day to send in your CBX project for this contest.

We have three entries to this contest:

CBX Bet Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
Crypto Services Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
Mycoinsbot Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

If I forgot anybody, please kindly remind me of your CBX project; these entries will be sent to jury and private sponsor for evaluation.

There can only be one contest winner, result will be communicated shortly; however keep in mind that when adding services to CBX economy, we all win!

Congradulations, and good luck!

The Crypto Bullion Team
Roadmap 2017 status report!

It's been too long since we published a development update and the reason for this has been that we stumbled upon an unforeseeable problem and realized we needed a new approach to allow this project to go forward in a timely fashion while not impacting on value.

What changes now is that we have decided not to let the new code be burdened by the existing old blockchain by attempting to make the new code accomodate it; this means that a CBX swap will be necessary, from old CBX to the new CBX currency instead of the simple seamless install of Vault 3.0 we had in mind. We still envision an elegant migration process: a snapshot of all existing CBX address balances will be taken, and then applied to the new CBX blockchain. 

To regular users, the new Vault 3.0 will be able, upon first launch, to fetch the user's private keys which are in the old wallet.dat, and then from these old keys fetch his new CBX coin into the new blockchain. May I remind people that the CBX address' values will not be affected in any way by this swap, all balances stay the same.

The last hurdle we will find prior to alpha testing lies in the mandatory global money supply limitation of 250 000 CBX that can be associated to BPNs (masternodes) at any time. To address this, an innovative solution was proposed, applying a mutex; this solution is unheard of in the Crypto world and we think it will give good results.

Thank you for your patience and continued support

The Crypto Bullion Team
Roadmap 2017 status report!

Thanks to our new coding approach that we have outlined at the last post, we are seeing positive results in developing Vault 3.0. 

We will be conducting Vault core tests this week-end and into next week, and unless we encounter a problem, public alpha testing may start as soon as the end of next week.

Happy weekend!

The Crypto Bullion Team
Roadmap 2017 status report!

An important part of the anonymity provided by the upcoming BPNs, will be derived from existing code from the Zerocoin protocol  Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites..

It has come to our attention, however, that the Zerocoin code we were using is vulnerable to a certain specific type of exploit, so a patch needs to be added and verified.

Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

While this thing is slowing us down, the bright side of it is that now is the perfect time to come across problems of that nature, when Vault 3.0 is not yet deployed. We will keep you informed on how this goes, still with a short term goal of initiating the alpha-testing phase.

The Crypto Bullion Team
End of sparktokens ICO CBX refund period

I have been notified that there are still some Quintessence ICO investors who have not claimed yet their CBX contribution back from the ICO. While what is left is only a small percentage of the total ICO contribution, we don't want to make people who want their CBX to lose it.  There was ample time for contributors to answer back to the email which was sent to all and claim their CBX but this claim period will now close in 30 days, starting today. After this 30 day period is over, it will not be possible to claim ICO CBX and the leftover CBX from the ICO shall be transfered to Foundation and used for development and bounties. To make a claim now, the best way is to reply to the official email which was sent to you (none bounced back) using that same address which was entered in the ICO program; otherwise please write to me by PM, here in Bitcointalk, and please provide your email address that you had given at ICO time and we will proceed to verify your credentials.

The Crypto Bullion Team
Roadmap 2017 status report!

I have to report that things are looking pretty good right now; the implementation of mutex, which was one of the very innovative approaches to Vault 3 and masternodes is a success so far. Also, the patch from Zerocoin which was reported the last time as a fix to a wekness will be implemented using the github merge procedure, so it is no longer an issue.

We also had an issue with block timing, which has been corrected just today; we are currently testing internally the latest daemon to make sure it is running smoothly - last time it was with this testing that we isolated certain problems that we are correcting now.

Another team is working on the GUI interface (the "qt"), and putting together the new visuals for CBXi: no longer gold, we are turning to a "platinum" look - but shhhhh. I will let you discover the rest when the Vault 3.0.0 rolls out.

Still no final date for the alpha testing phase, but it's coming...

The Crypto Bullion Team
Roadmap 2017 status report!

We have been discussing with Cryptopia for some time now, about the upcoming CBXi swap: long story short, there is good news and there is bad news. Let's start with the good news.

A few people had brought up the risk of CBX getting delisted from Cryptopia because of our development of Vault 3.0, and the good news is we will stay at Cryptopia even after Vault 3.0 is officially introduced.

CBX has always been well served by Cryptopia and thanks to the latest crypto world developments and good management, the exchange Cryptopia is moving up, becoming gradually more important and influential.

Now the bad news is, to stay at Cryptopia, Vault 3.0.0 cannot be a coin swap.

What this means is, we need to go back to our initial and time-consuming approach of keeping the old CBX blockchain into Vault 3.0, and not be creating a new ticker or a new coin (it's not going to be CBXi).

Essentially, the 2017-2018 roadmap stays the same: new look, new Vault 3.0, masternodes, PoSP, anonymity with zerocoin algo, etc...  Just we can't make Vault 3.0 be a swap. Therefore, although we are not losing the work previously done, we need to find the way to make the new Vault 3.0 be able to understand and continue the historic CBX blockchain. It's going to take more time to do this, hopefully not too much time; and we feel the additional time required is worth the strategic advantage of staying on a good and valuable exchange like Cryptopia.

The Crypto Bullion Team
Roadmap 2017-2018 status report!

Coding a complex masternode coin such as what CBX will be, while meeting some "outside requirements" is never an easy thing.

Things are once again looking a lot better now than at the last post, however.  The hashing issues we were having while wanting to keep the old blockchain were fourfold: to say it in crypto programming terms, they were: transaction offset problem, stake modifier problem, time spacing problem and checkpoint problem. I am being told that these 4 issues have now been addressed, and undergoing testing as we speak.  Looks like we will be able to keep the old blockchain going, and, more importantly, it's not going to cost us too much precious time.

I would like to welcome malafaya to the coding team. While very experienced outside crypto and a longtime fan of Crypto Bullion, malafaya is a programmer who wanted to know more about the intrincasies of crypo coding.  He has accepted to give us a hand with this project, and his contribution can be felt significantly already. Alex4J will continue to be the main coding developer of the Crypto Bullion project.

Good luck with this challenge, malafaya!

The Crypto Bullion Team
Has anyone noticed what just appeared at the CBX block explorer today?

[Image: 1h4giR2.jpg]

As announced earlier, we have found the culprit in the hashing problem and have been able to fully sync the new codebase Vault 3.0.0 (without any help, without a bootstrap), and run it side by side with the other Crypto Bullion nodes on the network; this part of the job is finally a done deal!

I know I have been promising an alpha test release for the longuest time so indeed we will have something we need to have you try out soon - what we need to test at different locations is making sure this new codebase will sync without any issues everywhere.

What is technically left to do until we Vault 3.0.0 is complete?   Windows compilation, support for PoW miner (for testnet only!), create a file to manage the map of block mutex, addition, suppression, check, etc...;
 Migrate current codebase to Zerocoin, pictures update, implement a better startup system for masternodes, implement a Qt Wallet launcher, add the hardfork logic in the code, add a customizable message in the Qt wallet. 
On protocol switch (hardfork) activation, change VerifyScript2 to VerifyScript.

Things are definitely moving, but we are not finished yet; most importantly, we did not lose too much time with the hashing issue.

The Crypto Bullion Team

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