CPA Marketing Tutorial Video Step-By-Step, real case study.
Hello There !

Today’s tutorial is 100% white hat, so nobody will be anxious  Smile

I will take you step-by-step and show you how the pros run their CPA campaigns using POP traffic.

Of course, I will always stay active in the thread so I can answer all of your questions and help people who have problems.

In the videos below, I will explain the following :

- Picking up a good CPA offer

- How to make the landing page and where to host it

- How to setup the campaign in a POP source of traffic

- How to track conversions

- How to optimize the campaign

- And more...

And the best thing is, that the whole tutorial is not theory, it’s 100% actionable and I will run and optimize the campaign in front of your eyes, step-by-step.

If I can do it = you can do it.

I will use :

CPVLab : tracking tool to track my campaign (you can use whatever tracking tool you want)

Amazon aws : to host my landing page, because it’s cheaper and powerful (you can use a VPS but make sure it’s faster and located close to your traffic GEO)

Clickdealer : as a CPA network (you can use whatever CPA network you like)

Purelander : to generate landing pages (you can use whatever tool you like or you have, just make sure the landing page loads fast and it’s clean).

Let’s start the real things :

Video 1 : How to Upload Your Landing Page Into the Least Expensive Content Delivery Network (CDN)

[b]Video 2 :How to Create, Track and Launch Your First Campaign[/b]

[b][b]Video 3 :How to Optimize Your Campaign[/b][/b]

[b][b]Watch the 3 videos and try to apply the great things there. Good luck with your campaign  Smile Smile[/b][/b]

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