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CPAHero Cashout Status
I don't think so that someone is gonna leave this forum even if $25 cashout option is removed, not even the spammers.
25$ payout is of course a great help for us to pay some Bills like internet bill and electric bill but if Sir @Peacekeeper has some paypal problem then,even if it does not pay this time,I'll still not leave this forum. I was introduced to PPI Content locking and many other ways on how to earn and learn,and it helped me a lot. I will contribute more things to help this forum.
Hey admin,
I guess that it's the best thing you've ever done
I realized many spammers joining cpahero just to get the 25$ cashout
I won't lie I wanted the 25$ too but I knew about it after I joined it
My main reason was to help people and get help from others and also to exchange knowledge
I knew some great people like you and made some helpful friends
I also knew one of my best friends from cpahero
So don't worry, cpahero will never die Smile

and btw, if your paypal is temporary locked then you have to send them a copy of your id and keep annoying them for a week or so
And after 1 year or less (I don't remember the exact ammount) your account will be unlocked automatically because simply they won't unlock it whatever you did because they want their users to buy stuff
Try to write on google something like g*ypal, sh*tpal, or paypal sucks and you'll see how many people had this issue before and how to solve it
Well at first, I joined this community on the idea that I could make money posting. Hah how naive of me. But as time went on the $25 cash out did not really appeal to me plus on just would take quite a while.

I did noticed people locking every post and I thought to myself why? Why not share the wealth because $25 is not really much when your on your making around $5 a day from talking to some of the members on here.

I have only been into content locking for a few months (part time) and what I have learnt from this forum has helped quite a bit. I can sell "Ice to Eskimos" but when it came to knowing methods I was in the dark, yes im a programmer/"hacker" but when it comes to advertising I didn't know that people were paying me to sell my junk! If I did I would have been a lot further in life than I am now.

Now that I know the path to take and take my selling skills with me. I can now see in the not to distant future big bucks!

I want to thank you @Peacekeeper for all your hard work promoting this site and bringing some friendly faces with you. I won't be leaving if something as small as that goes. Ill only bow down when the moderators on the site stop doing their job. Because that would be chaos.
Bro yeh some are there for cashout some are there for thechniques to earn some are there to share there tricks and some are spammeres so dont worry about friends hink they know this forum are genine and they will get
and thanks you @peacekeeper for makeing the forum ... ................
I'm not expert but I have tips on my classifieds site why they like to add a banner. Ok they add their banners because the affiliate link is hidden. Banner link for eq: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

Instead it goes directly to: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

(06-12-2014, 07:33 PM)Peacekeeper Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.Thank you guys for your support in the direction. I agree this will greatly increase the quality of the forum and reduce the workload on the mods.

I am happy to announce that our advertising platform is up and working! The price is $2 CPAHero cash for 1 day of advertising. We have a total of 3 advertising zones - two on the top, and one on the bottom.

I recommend that you put up a banner to your favorite content locking network and include your referral link as the source. We have a ton of traffic, over 3,000 people viewing this forum at any given time and they're all here to learn how to make money. Cheers!
I've been here for month i've never had cashout I don't care about CPAHERO payment.I really want this forum to be successful but honestly the money per post is making the forum become a dumping site for methods that posters don't even try themselves. It's not all trash because there are some quality members here but you get the point. Just saying
Hey dont worry mate...we will support you and cpahero community till the end man.. !!

Thanks for starting such a good forum Smile

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