$$$CPa blog rank affliates in one thread $$$
i'ts been 4 years when i 1st join in cpahero

This thread is  simple but definitely help you to your journey
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there are many ways to earn online(ppd,pps,ppc,surveys,trading etc)

and there's many method
(blackhat whitehat method)
but i Recommend white hat method . because its legit and consistent 

blackhat method , i know some of you knows this method so for the newbie > 
example of this method is luring some people to visit a fake website(not legit)(fake content)
downloading fake hacking apps.  its all about fast money 

i already tried this method , yes you can make money on it .

ok lets start. 

 this is method is very simple to do,  as i say while ago  i know some of you or almost all of you know
this method ,

the fb method >> create a account on fb (for traffic purpose) join some group(add me.add me fast)(join a group about your niche)groups that almost 1M members ,(3 to 5 suggested group per day) to prevent blocking. >>if your niche is about dating or adult content , join any dating affiliates < adultfinderdotcom,juicyadsdotcom,etc><join a group about dating > create a blog or buy your own domain , create an article post all about your niche , you can use this method for any niche , then post your link on the the group. its all free and effective . effective(because its targeted(why> because your joining a group thats talk about your niche,and its legit

this method is for blackhat method > create a fake  account on fb >join ppd site i Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. > >after joining>upload a file on mediafire . name that file about your niche( if your niche is all about game)`garena shell [email protected] exe)get the download link on mediafire then use the link locker on ppd site . just like the  1st method join some group .> create a blog , create a post about your niche ,then post that blog link on group or you can send it to your friend,don't pause the affiliate link directly on fb because some of aff link ppd link url shortener link is block on fb,
(blog link >on fb > blog link containing aff. link ) when i use this method i use adult method i use fake girl fb account (with a seductive profile pic)joining some flirt group , dating group , then posting add me on group then their convert as my follower because i'm not accepting their friend request, then posting hey please download this XX vid,some of them message me i just tell them download my x vid , and yes its converting to leads (easy money but dirty haha)

lets go for the last tutorial 

i will make this simple 
1st you need to find a niche(better to choose a niche that is your good a it) ex. gaming
2nd create a blog or domain customize it( create a simple not a site that too much load>>ads on it<<
3rd create a fb page (ex, thegaming)promote the page (you use free or paid promotions)
4th create a youtube channel (ex, thegaming) upload a video ,rank the video you can use viewgripdotcom or paid prom.

after creating this four steps , then you just need to post every day sharing , ranking you site , there are many method to rank it. posting an article , using a free ranking website ,(hitleapdotcom) and the magic make it self ,you can make money on using adsense,ppd,pps,ppc, any affiliates sites (i suggest that you join a aff link related to your web content)

i hope this thread help you
please visit my blog Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

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Also, what does Hitleap have to do with ranking anything? It's just an auto-surf TE.

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