Cash on Delivery COD
As we all know CPA networks have a variety of models to choose from such as CPS, CPI, CPL and more. Some offer a different type of action flow like COD, which is based on delivery, also known as "Cash on Delivery". 
Markets such as Asia and Europe have always been a hard reach, due to the lack of confidence and assurance regarding electronic payments, but that is all over now.
Using the COD model all doubts are put to rest, and if that sounds wonderful, we've got more great news, pubs are guaranteed a lead just by confirming his order..
Below is a little insight on how it works and why it’s so awesome.

The COD offer is a simple model that works in 3 steps;

1 - Your potential customer places an order through the website by simply filling in two spaces; their name and phone number.

2 - Then the customer immediately receives a call from a local call center. 

3 - Once the customer confirms his order through the phone call, the affiliate receives his payment.

Note: the customer pays for the product in cash, upon delivery and the affiliate, receives the lead once the order has been confirmed by phone, so it is not necessary to wait for the product to be delivered.

With COD offers are affiliates are guaranteed higher conversion rates, in comparison to CPS and CPI, also, due to the fact that there is no restrictions such as lead approval  by the advertiser, payouts are made much quicker.

Here is an example of Cash on Delivery offers;

[2338] Green Coffee organic - IN

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PS: You can run the offer in English too.

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