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The purpose of this article is to give you a review of the 4 most well-known affiliate tracking platforms in the market (Voluum, ThriveTracker, AdsBridge, FunnelFlux) and to compare them qualitatively and quantitatively.

These are all pretty well-established platforms in the market with a lot of experience in the industry.

At the end, we’ll come up with cool conclusions about which one deserves the highest grade.

It will be difficult to decide but let’s begin this journey!


Voluum is one of the most popular affiliate tracking platforms around. It has a whole lotta features, which makes it one of the most complete platforms in the market.

Voluum doesn’t have a self-hosted platform service. It’s all about cloud-hosting. This approach allows for a focus on the cloud-hosted service and its features.

The cloud service is an awesome motivation for many hopeful affiliate marketers who wanna get to know this platform. You know you won’t need to invest in servers or their management.

In fact, all services are managed by the platform, which really does mean that a heavy burden has been taken away from your life.

The fact that Voluum has data centers in different countries will surely have a positive impact on your performance. The click loss and latency will be lower, which means more profit for the user.

Cloud hosting offers other advantages, such as data protection. You’ll definitely feel more secure against third parties than if you manage your own server, or shared servers.

We’re not saying that this is true for everybody.

Even so, if you’re a pro on managing servers, we imagine you’d like to have your own solution. This is a very interesting solution for newbies who are only at the start of their road to success, and also for experienced clients who don’t wanna waste their time.

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