Chota Bheam Here..!!!
Hello Friends,

I am chota bheam and I am currently working with CPAlead. I am new to this IM world and I got from my friends that this forum is a great place to know everything about how to earn money, PPD/CPA related stuffs ect. Hence looking forward to achieve my goals and have a wonderful journey here. Any kind of a help will be heartly appreciated.

Thank You all..!!

Chota Bheam
Hi Chota,

You said that you're "Choat Bheam from CPALead"? Does this mean you're one of the publishers in CPALead or? This forum is one of the best in CPA/PPD's related topics, glad that you've landing on the right spot Smile
Bri it is chhota bheem
btw nice name
i used to watch the episodes when i was a kid(i still am)

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