Clicksure Reviews Or Thoughts?
When Clickbank kicked out a good chunk of the shady vendors awhile ago most of them ended up at Clicksure, as they allowed those low quality products and services that Clickbank banned. At that time I signed up to Clicksure to promote a couple of things that fit my site niche and were fairly legit and I got my first sale on that network soon after. Then I moved and things got crazy busy for me in my personal and business life and I totally forgot about Clicksure.

A couple of months ago I started a new site in a niche I've never tried before and I was looking around for something to fill some banner space on the site and thought maybe Clicksure would have something suitable, so I logged in for the first time in years and actually found 2 vendors with products that were a perfect fit for my site. So, I added their banners and moved forward.

Unfortunately, life smacked me upside the head again and I wasn't able to promote the site as I had planned and the project kinda died and I only got a few clicks, but no sales. So, a few days ago I got a message in my account saying it would be closed in 30 days, as per their terms. I was curious as to what term I had broken that would cause my account to be terminated, so I looked around the site and there was no terms page. I actually had to try to signup a new account just to get the mention of agreeing to the terms so I could read them!

I was then quite surprised by what I read there. Things like a $250 minimum payout threshold, which is far higher than that of other affiliate programs, such as Adsense, Clickbank, CJ, etc. Plus, you get 1-3% of what your referred affiliates bring in, but that threshold is a whopping $1000!!!! Even super affiliates with a sizable mailing list would have a hard time reaching that one!

Then there is the dormant account fee, which is the highest I've ever seen at $1 per day. I strongly disagree with charging affiliates a dormancy fee, as it's like punishing someone just because they are having a hard time making a sale, but most dormant fees are $1-10 per month, not $1 a DAY ($30/monthly). Wow!!

Another thing that bothered me was charging to become a "VIP Affiliate" who gets access to faster support and marketing resources. A network should NEVER charge an affiliate for working to sell THEIR vendor products. A normal affiliate works hard to bring in sales, and they already have to pay for things like domains, hosting, advertising, etc to bring in sales they split with the network. The network shouldn't CHARGE them for support when they need it quickly. That's ridiculous!!!

Anyway, my conclusion is that I dodged a bullet on this one. By them terminating my account it saved me wasted time that I would have spent promoting them with no real hope of success. I'm sure there are affiliates who get paid there, but it's not for the average person, as only super affiliates would really make it.

What about you guys? Is there anyone reading this who actually does well with them, or even received a payout? Do you disagree with me and think they are a good network for affiliates? Let me know!!

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