Cloaking - is one of the ways to hide information from prying eyes
Cloaking - is one of the ways to hide information from prying eyes, who visited your landing page or advertising campaign.

Why is it necessary?

If you want to use aggressive landing page in order to increase conversion rates or work with banned offers.

As you know, advertisers and partner networks make it rule for using only white landing. Sanctions for the violation are very strict:
  • The advertiser may not pay a part of the fee
    Traffic sources will simply disable your campaign or block your account

The cloaker will detect if someone is not your target auditory, and then will send them to the other page. You can choose any alternative page. However, someone else, who is your target auditory, can be sent by the cloaker to your “real” landing page.

In Affiliate Marketing, cloaking is most often used to hide LP from :
  • Advertiser
    Source of traffic
    Prying eyes of those who can steal it in order to make money on it. For the most part it applies to the spy tool.

Let's talk about this a bit more.

Hide the landing page from the advertiser

Starting to work with aggressive LP, it is necessary to ensure that the advertiser can not see where the traffic is coming from, and, accordingly, to identify the violation. In order to do this, hide the Referer field, because here is stored the lending URL from which the user moved. It is not difficult to do this, it is enough to choose the type of redirect that the user will be sent from the LP to the Offer. Fortunately, now all trackers are equipped with a basic functionality to hide the referrer. The downside of this method is that some of the advertisers do not approve if this field is hidden.

The second, more efficient method, is the substitution of Referer. In this case, the advertiser sees the white landing page by reference in Referer. It's wonderful, isn't it? In addition, you can approve this white lend , and it will show that traffik is from it. In this way you can easily achieve the campaign approve.

But we know that sometimes advertisers check their partners through the spy-tools.

Hiding Lend from the source of traffic

In theory, the issue can be solved by setting up redirect rules in the tracker campaign.

I will explain: if you are working with a certain GEO, then use the rule when all those who are not from this country, send to the white LP, while the desired country is on “real” LP. Similarly for OS. But in practice this may not be enough, since networks have learned to use device emulators. Do not forget about the tokens that the traffic source transmit.

Assume there is a token {$ value}. It transfers the domain of the site from which the traffic is coming, and if in statistics you see a click with a token equal to {$ value} (the source did not replace it with a specific domain), then the transition was made by the link that you sent to approve and this is 99,9% was not a real user. So, you need to configure the redirect and send such traffic to the white land. This simple method will help you to hide networks from the majority of advertising networks.

Hiding LP from prying eyes

With the help of cloaking, you can also hide your lending page from curious eyes. This is necessary to ensure that your profitable LP remains yours, and was not used by competitors for personal gain. For example, once you can find your creation in the work of another partner, your ROI will start to fall. No need to comment on this situation. In such case, simple tracker settings will not save you, because advanced spy-tools have long learned to avoid them.

Whatever happens in such situation, there are several options for action. The most effective of them is self-writied scripts (will require additional costs for developers), or access to cloaking services that will protect your LP.

Below is a list of such services. I am guided not by my own experience but solely by the statements of the developers.

Cloaking services:
  • NoIPFraud

On the Web there are very few of them, but the trend of this function is growing.


Closed service, you can get to that only by referring to the one who advised to apply. Currently, more than 300 customers have used the service.


It is positioned as the fastest bot-protection tool in the world. It qualitatively discovers competitors, undesirable visitors, robots and bots, as a result of which no one can spy on your landing pages.


The service offers a safe way to receive traffic for various affiliate offers such as diet, weight loss, gambling, dating and more through Facebook ads, advertising in Bing, Google Ads, Google Play and so on. JustCloakIt is a powerful service that can filter out bad traffic in the form of bots, data centers, spy-tool.


Block unwanted visitors in a minute! The service has a powerful and flexible traffic filtering platform, ensuring full protection of your land. Installation takes no more than 2 minutes, and the minimum monthly price starts at $ 129 per month.

Instead of a postscript ...

Of course, there are people who earn faithfully in Google or FaceBook with absolutely "clean" campaigns. And there are those who use cloaking. I dont know who of them is right.
I'll just give food for reflection here.

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