Cool community
I'm a full stack software engineer for 10+ years. I love writing in PHP, hacking apps, automation, content scraping, etc.

Have a lot of great goodies to contribute, however I'm pretty busy so I honestly don't see myself (or my account) reaching any minimum requirements to be able to post any of my scripts. 

I understand why forums have rules, but sometimes people who may have been a great asset just don't have the free time to jump through all the hOops.

Anyway, hope to poke around from time to time. Once I'm able to start sharing a lot of you will start to like me more.
Sounds like you are looking for more along the lines of a software forum to share that sort of thing. We are more of a community forum helping members to learn how to earn money online. Some senior members, like myself, have been earning a full time living online for over 10 years and now mentor others to do the same.

We're not all in it for the money. I just like to see others succeed and hard work pay off Smile
That's funny because I tried to give out a bunch of landing pages but I was suggested to sell rather than lock via content locker. I want to contribute a lot of things that will help this community however I do not want to go through the trouble of selling them however I would like some reason to provide support. I thought a simple content locker would allow people of this community to grab high quality landers that aren't just stolen from other sources without them having to open their own wallets.
(03-10-2018, 08:14 AM)selfpaidinc Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.I thought a simple content locker would allow people of this community to grab high quality landers

You thought a content locker was the answer? Because you want to earn something?? What other purpose is there to lock good content that you could otherwise give away?
I definitely think you should stick around and learn affiliate marketing. Of course your background is going to help.
Welcome to the community. I hope you will be a great contributing member here.

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