[DISCUSSION] Google still banning cpa sites with game hacks?
It's only thing I made money (and I am 3 years in IM...) so I decided to go back to it.

The only thing that was putting me away was the fact that sites get banned after 2-3 months from google results and people stop visiting your website.

Do you guys have any fix for that or they stopped being this aggresive?
It's weird because Google totally de-indexed my game h*ck site, but left in the Facebook pages for it that point to the site. So, ironically, visitors trust FB links more than they would my own site, so I get more traffic from Google through the FB links than I did previously with the direct links to my site. Thanks Google! lol

My advice would be to simply create a Facebook fan page for your site and then work on getting that ranked instead. Don't worry about your main site. Even if it gets shitcanned by Google you can still get BETTER traffic from the fan pages linked to it.

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