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DDoS Attack stands for a Distributed Denial of Service Attack that is one of the most popular types of DOS Attack. It can make on-line services unavailable by hacking into the target systems. On the other hand, during a DDOS attack, an attacker does not just use his computer but also taking advantage or use lawfully other computers.

By taking advantage of security vulnerabilities or weaknesses of the application, an attacker can take control of your computer. Then they could use your computer to send data or requests in large numbers on a website or send spam messages to a specific email address. It’s called the “scatter – Distributes” attack because the attackers can use multiple computers, including your own to conduct denial-of-service attack.

Thus, we need to find the solution to prevent this attack from hackers to our site; and that is why I write this Cloud Defender review.

Cloud Defender is a powerful product that can help you make the safe security system for your web-site and you’ll no longer worry about DDoS because that never happens if Cloud Defender exists on your website. Trust me!

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