Do you have huge Forex list and interesting in partnership?
We want to partner with many people that have huge list of people who have interest in Forex or other money making opportunities.

Program Detail:
Users don't have to invest any amount in the trading. We work with only the bonus from our carefully selected brokers we've been working with for over 10 years.

1. User downloads our Android app and set up their trading account.

2. They get bonus in the trading account after phone verification.

3. We send only high profitable trade recommendations to them via our app messaging section.

4. They can only withdraw profit at any time. They are in full control of their account but they cannot withdraw the initial fund.

5. We monitor their account growth and at the appropriate time, we move them to our trade copier desktop platform where they don't have to trade themselves anymore. This usually happens within their first month in the system.

Partners Benefit:
Track your users. Once we migrate them to our desktop platform, we will give you $25 per active user you introduced each month for the lifetime of that user.

We welcome suggestions from you to make it a better program for both users and partners.

Thank you. 
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