Hello! Today i will show a website that pays for registration to them and also every time you refer a new friend who registers to their app Smile

The app is called Monese- it is a online banking alternative with free of charges.
They have a ongoing promotion that if you create a card with them they give you free money.
Link where you can download the app: (You need to use my invite code EDGAR880 to receive the bonus)

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How to receive the bonus?
1) Download the app
2) Enter the invite code (without it you wont receive the bonus) (See the image below)
[Image: 69643316_811546665946986_589927656619769856_n.png]
3) Complete ID verification
4) Order the Monese card ( if you swipe to the left when selecting a card, there is an offer for a free Monese card)
5) Receive the card after 4-6 business days(mostly it's much faster delivered than monese says)
6) Add funds to account, spend any amount (even 0.01$) on any website/ shop and after a day you will receive the bonus.

Good luck! Smile
We don't allow shortened links, as we want our members to know where they are landing when clicking a link, so I have changed it to the direct site link for you.

Also, anything to do with referrals goes in the ref section, so thread moved.

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