EIGRP for CCNA&CCNP Candidates
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EIGRP for CCNA&CCNP Candidates
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Master in EIGRP in 4 hours

This course is a about EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol), the Cisco's invented routing protocol. The course covers all CCNA and CCNP topics.

This course is organized in 20 lectures and about 4 hours. Whole presentation file and GNS3 scenarios are also included.

You will find an extensive description about EIGRP in first eight lectures. Then, in rest, you will become familiar with EIGRP configuration from basic configurations to advanced enterprise needed. You've learned this concepts step by step therefore do not worry about your EIGRP backgrounds. The only thing you need is having a light Cisco IOS background. Just relax and enjoy the course.

After finishing this course you will have a broad view on EIGRP and you will find your way for further earnings and ready for CCNA and CCNP EIGRP topics.


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