Earn Money While Autosurf
What is Alexa Master

- It is a fully Automated System, It is developed to promote one's website consistently by a unique network. Basically it is designed to to deliever high amount of visitors to its clients wanted quality traffic to improve their Alexa Rank. If you have a website, but is inactive, then Alexa Master is the way to go because nothing can compare the Mighty Alexa Master.

BUT Alexa Master is giving an excellent chance to make money out of it, their Alexa Master Community, You Can be a part of it and could make a decent Amount of money by doing Simple Autosurf, Yes By Joining the Alexa Master Community you will be an Active Member and earn points by just autosurf. However it provides many ways to earn points like promote them, reffering people to their sites, vote websites, small jobs and last but not least they offer you to be the Winner of the Hour.

You can easily make $8-$10 Dollars by doing only Auto Surf, But Sky is the Limit.. Lets see How
This Site gives point which equals to Real Cash.
Like when you are in Auto Surf, 1 website visit will give you upto 3 points and 1 Youtube View will give you upto 15 points, so it is all about autosurf, you can start Autosurf, minimize it and forget it, you are making Real Cash Online by doing nothing... Cool??

Here is another Ways to Earning Points,

1. By Promoting the website, Share your refferal links with your freinds family or anyone using internet and when someone join you will get 60% points he gets.. Means if someone make 500K points, you gets 300k points which equals to $15 dollars.

2. By Voting Websites - Now let Alexa Master Help to I dentifying good sites or bad sites, usually it gives 8-10 points when you votes a website.

3. Small Jobs - As you Going high on earning points, you will get High Paying Small Jobs which is a good way to Boost your Earnings

4. Winner Of Hour - It depends on these factors,,
You must be an active member (must use everyday).
You should be a member of the Chat Forum.
Your good votes will increase your winning chances.
Your active referrals will increase your winning chance.

Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
Alexa has very very low payout rates you will earn cent per 5 days suck it
You can try Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. . I think it better than alexamaster
It better than alexamaster thank s
This site is heaps shit man, i dont understand it at all.. if they wanted more users i would make it more understandable..

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