Earn easy 5$/day full guide
Seosprint and vip-prom are two gpt sites with over 400,000 users! the language of the sites is russian so you have to use chrome to transtale the pages to english.

Here you can easily earn real money. It offers several methods of earnings! Browse sites, read the letter advertisers follow the simple and interesting tests and assignments for a fee. To do this, you do not need any special skills or a lot of time. You can be anywhere and work anytime! All payments will be paid instantly. You can get your first money immediately after the start of work. you can use this site for advertising too.

A paradise for advertisers Of SEO sprint - it is a unique service designed specifically for effective promotion of your internet projects. For these purposes SEO sprint provides many methods of promotion. This is not a cheat counters and ratings. You get a real live visitors, your potential customers! You yourself are building a target audience for your site. You determine where visitors come from, or from the search engines for your specified search terms.

to join click here: seosprint - vip-prom
Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.
Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.

both of them are the same, so i explain only one of them

after joining, in the next page they ask you a few questions about the site's rules. you can follow below picture
[Image: 111.jpg]

Password and PIN-code will be send to your phone.

after login for working on the site you have to change your profile from Newbie to Work. this will dissolve limits and add 1 point to your and your referers rating.

now let me write about earning methods
[Image: 222.jpg]

1. Running tasks: the most important section of site to make money. there are a lot of jobs to do there. by clicking on any job a new page will be shown. you can read the instractions and see what they want. click on 'start a quest' then follow instractions and do the job, write the answers there and finally click on 'send a report' there are others ways too earn too. 2.Passing tests 3.reading letters, 4. view ads and ets. in the 'Running tasks' you can choose defferent categores (in the right menu off the site) like: watching youtube videos, joining a site, like or comment in social medias, downloading a file...

5. this icon means that this job is Reusable and you can do it again and again, so i suggest you to do this jobs, bookmark the job and save the answers to do them again, this way you wont do the jobs again, you just copy and paste the answers and it doesnt take more that 10 second for each job.

the page of performing the jobs
[Image: 333.jpg]

1. you can click here to add the job to Favorites
2. how to do the job
3. what you should write for them as the answer

feel free to ask any questions
Thanks For Share. Please need to know what's payment method?

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