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The reason we mention who we are is because it's important for us to establish trust, and we are not some newbies in the forum or some online shady organization that have just started a faucet with an intention to cheat our members. We love paying our members and that's what we've been doing for so long, but we are aware of the high dynamism around Crypto currencies, which is why we started our own Ripple faucet.

Why Ripple?
Because it's very cheap to send transactions with Ripple and they are instantaneous.

How does it work?
The site itself pays - a minimum of - $0.0003 in value of XRP every hour, we have intentions of raising it at least
during weekends or other times as promotions for our loyal members.
The site makes money only from ads, we do not ask anyone to deposit money in the site and this is not possible neither (at least not at this stage).
We are trying to maintain a balanced site without too many aggressive ads but on the same time ensure we have a few in order to cover the faucet costs.

Do you really offer Instant Withdrawals? What's the minimum?
Yes, that's right, and currently the minimum is 1 XRP (might change later on, for now it's 1 XRP).

If you have any comments or any feedback please feel free to drop a line here.
PS The official support for the site is via Twitter (link can easily be found in the site) but we're happy to assist here as well if necessary.
coming soon Lottery, Multiply XRP

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