Earn free crypto $$$ with mining game [real payment proofs]!
Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. is a mini-game site in simulated mining mode.
It can be used 100% free and is very easy to use.
People can also buy into the game to boost their base hashrate and help them climb the leaderboard and make it easier to be competitive.
This game has a neat twist in that they give back some of the ad revenues to the players as a way to keep your score. It is not going to make you rich but ads a new layer to the fun.
referral system.

Rollercoin does not use your processor as it is a game, not a real miner but a game that is paid to play or pay to play that is your choice. Like all games when you pay it gives you the competitive edge. It is designed to make you want to buy in so the developers can make money. Don't mistake game play as an investment in anything more then fun. When you invest in this game you invest in a good time.
You earn satoshis made possible by viewing advertising and paid to pay players buying in directly with outside bitcoin.
The principle is simple:
- Play mini-games and buy miners.
- Pocket gh / s.
- Win a share of a Bitcoin block.
- Have Fun!!!

Of course it is not a real block of BTC its a game you play for fun.
The site is a part of the block advertising earnings that will be extracted every 5 minutes or so.
The goal is to have a maximum of GH / s to reach the top of the leaderboard and be the best.
The site also allows you to buy miners to maximize your fun (It makes the game cost money though).
This site allows people to get paid a bit by referring users to help the site earn more from ads as it grows in popularity.
The GH/s won by playing games are lost after 24 hours.
Only miners keep their rates for life.

Increase your mining power by getting new miners:
 [Image: YTq0fO.jpg]
[Image: 114963_rollercoin_181124061509.JPG]
[Image: 114963_rollercoin_181210094746.JPG]

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