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Facebook CPA/PPD Method! i Make 1000$ in this method w/ Proof
Thank you. This is an interesting guide ^^!
Why not have any suggestions for this tutorial ???
Nice share but im out of date when find this thread Cry
You've explained this, but problem is how to drive traffic to fanpage, and also problem is because this website is not working or you meant to place something else there?
IMO this method sucks and is a waste of forum$. What if you don't have a lot of friends or what if those friends don't share your page? I doubt this will really help to make much $$ if any at all (which I doubt you will make anything without putting a significant twist on this or simply using fb ads).
Great to shared, we would like to know how to create the landing page.
Its work?
Its a copy and paste from other forum. I wasted my 50 points

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