Facebook Fan Page PostBot - Feb 2018
Sharing my personal bot for free, I would like to get some reviews on it and im trying to get money offering my services to buy the official licence Smile $999

Facebook Fan Page PostBot - Feb 2018 v2.0  Seomoz
You will need to imput the needed data to make it work, its coded with a craked version of Ubot

I strictly recommend to run it sandboxed to be on the safe side, I dont want to hear you complaining.

[Image: 11d.jpg]
[Image: 222d.jpg]

and also I would like to self promote my skills, if anyone want me to code a personal simple Bot I could do it for a small donation paypal or bitcoin I would say like 3 -5 dollars per website, unless is too complicated or multi websites.
  • Like-Add-post,etc Social media
  • autosurf bot 
  • automatic webpage visits and clicks
  • mass ad clicker (if you want someone to get banned from ads network)
  • click bot
  • free accounts creators, email,sosial media,etc
  • bitcoin collector bot with captcha manual/automatic (2captcha-numbers-solvemedia-simple captcha)
  • scrape content, emails, usernames,links, products
  • post articles- Content generator for wordpress/ other CMS
  • Youtube viewer
  • video mass uploaders with custom water mark
  • mass link shortner
  • mass image uploader
  • mass get working proxies
  • mas emaill scheduler/sender
  • forum post creator/spam
  • mass email verifyer
custom bots with your own logo-ads-links.
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$3-5  per website  (remember if you abuse the system your account could get banned, anyway I use the best algorithm to do it the best way even if the acount creation its slower but works 100% better )

I will create it then will show you the scree video of it working the you send me the payment or I can upload it to bitify
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Can you explain me what this bot will do with FB page?

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