Facebook account issue
Hello, guys. I want to ask if someone had similar or something like my problem in creating fake facebook account.
I bought new sim card for my phone and created specially email address in gmail and tryna get into facebook.
So im making the account, verify with phone and email and upload pics.
I`ve tried with 2 accounts, in the first one i had friend requests and group post before this message 
In the second account i`ve created, when i completed it get log out and waited for about 20 minutes, then i tried to log in and it asked me to upload photo of my face, i`ve uploaded the fake pic that had uploaded before of course and it says this:

[Image: VksRoIR8R4eV0jbu011CMQ.png]

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this message stay from about 30 hours and still no change.
If someone had this issue, can u help me to solve it?
I see we have the same problem, its been like this 4 me 4 abt a wk now, facebook has locked me out too n no reentry,..got told the same thing. Just crazy huh?! I have no clue how to go about it either.

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