Favourite Hobbies
Anyone got any favourite hobbies they are into? Asides from online / computer related ventures, that's probably a given.
I'm an avid music and game collector. My man cave has 1000's of albums, including old 78's and a big old gramaphone from 1913, plus a drum kit, several guitars in the jam space and an arcade I built with pinball machine, game cab, air hockey table, and even a claw game machine...lol

I also have around 3000 video games starting from Pong in the 70's (my first as a kid) and original Atari, right up to the new Uncharted Lost Legacy game for the PS4 I bought when it came out a few days ago. I beat that one yesterday.

I like cars as well, and posted a pic of my classic Porsche on here a few months ago.

I like to have fun Smile
Exercise and travel.  Footinmouth Probably the best thing about working online is the freedom to travel.
I usually just sleep and play minesweeper. that's all i need.
I like reading books, researching the internet for different information, and gardening.
I Love cars. All time red cars magazine and yt channels Smile

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