FluxRewards - Earn money from Offers, Offerwalls, and Referring Friends!
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I've been working on FluxRewards for a long time now, and I'm glad to say it's nearly finished!

Why code your own?
It's cheaper, and I like having my site's custom as it allows me to have control over everything!

Why FluxRewards?
The Flux part comes from my Username, and the Rewards is because users get rewarded for completing offers & doing tasks.

Features & Important Info:
- Minimum Cashout is $1.00
- Earn up to 10% of Referral earnings for life.
- A completely custom site (Allows me to update, adapt, and adopt suggestions from users).
- Inbuilt Advanced Offer System.
- 10+ Offer walls.
- High paying rates

Feel free to signup and give me your feedback! Smile 

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Just wanted to let you guys know, the site has been updated once again!
There is now a new contest for all users to enter, win up to $10.

Payout rates have been increased.

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