[Free Tool] Instagram Bot 1.2.4
Bot been tested with the following settings:
1) Like per day 1000;
2) Follow per day 350;
3) Unfollow per day 350;
4) Comment per day 100;
If you are going to use more than this limits - we can't guarantee protection against the ban.

Now you are using a "GitHub" version:
You can like, follow, unfollow, comment without limits.
You can change most of settings.
You can't upload photo and video.
Link down Dropbox not shortlink
[Image: 6Tbuw-cnaayIiC52RhVp1MnBb9k4jJyrKNZcyphs...21-h638-no]
[Image: MDoZaLDWRNqMLrCchWWq0FCZ1e-AzIqsQInVJMCk...10-h630-no]
[Image: 25jgsZi8W9NKJOxDg6dDGtBexy6JqsS-qNZJJ5xZ...10-h630-no]
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Looks good. Waiting for reviews to test it out. Smile
Thanks op, btw are you develop this bot?

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