Free VPS 1GB Ram !
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Free VPS 1GB Ram , The most affordable free premium VPS Hosting on the Internet!

The most affordable free premium VPS Hosting on the Internet!.
1 GB Ram , 20GB Space Disk , CPU 2.4 Ghz , Bandwidth 1000 GB
Please say that this isn't the 3jelly s**t where you have to have 20 active referrals in order to get it
Yeah it is that

5jelly sucks
We need referrals to even get the one with lowest specs .

I use Amazon Cloud Trial
Or windows azure trial
I really hate this kind of post. it's like a spam that site really really sucks..
Anyone got free vps on it even with referrals?
(09-28-2014, 04:41 AM)swarrior Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.Anyone got free vps on it even with referrals?

i think no one even got the referrals XD
+ they need to be active
Don't ever waste your time on this tried this months ago but still no luck on that. they don't give you any good >_>
Help me how to get free rdp or vps tell me

give me please vps free for some nice site or vps
@bond007 just you search and you will see there's alot of vps posted here.
I will try ........................
It is working bro. nice post you have made
It's a referral based scam. It isn't worthy time. Search for it in known forums such as and that'll tell you a good bit of how they deal.
I need 1gb ram for my minecraft server please! :D
Thank you!
This jelly is sucking. It is useless. I do not like jelly....

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