[GET] Traffic Twister IVY 7 - Traffic generator unlimited
Here a good software to generate traffic

Short tutorial:

* Download TrafficTwister IVY
* Extract it to a folder
* Start it
- Insert your emailaddress
- Choose the number of (simultanous) threads (opened browsers at the same time, but they are invisible) - carefully adjust it and check your memory/CPU consumption!
- The MOST important thing! Have the .txt files ready, which contains the URLs, for which you want to have traffic sent to! (sample included in download!)
Each line in .txt file must contain one URL!
yourwebsites.txt = your URLs, wo which you want traffic being sent to (e.g. Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.)
referrer.txt = the websites, FROM WHICH traffic is coming from (e.g. Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.)
proxy.txt = the list of proxies being used in your bot
useragent.txt = the list of browser/useragents
- Download new proxies: check the box, if you want to download a proxylist.
- Time on site#1, site#2, site#3: set how long the "visitor" should stay on each website!
- Created / Received: Shows the created hits by bot to your website PLUS the received hits on top from trafficexchange
- Threads used: current level of threads used, you can change the threads level all the time!
- Longlife proxy use? : You can make use of a longer use of proxies, if they appear to be alive and working, so you don't waste valuable proxies!

NO ONLINE ACCOUNT REQUIRED ANYMORE! Bot works as standalone solution!

NEW: Including the "Browser-Killer": run it along with Traffic Twister IVY to avoid dead "browser.exe" processes in taskmanager (thus consuming more memory and CPU) - thanks for that free plugin from UBOT user!

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I think yes, you should try and come back with review!
Thanks mate will check this hope it wors fine i am new here dont know how to run thkis software
Can someone confirm that this work? Thanks guys  Money Money
Someone unlocked this guide give reviews, please. Hope it Work great
Hey! Thanks for posting looks awesome software for traffic.

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