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Any thing free ??
program is working
login ve pass select to random
and write a notepad
don't remember
Is it only for web 2.0 like facebook not should use for website as original and unique contents?
Is it working ? Let me try this one , thank you very much
Eh I cant believe that I can get a copy of this WAC freeeeeeeee. I just hope it works.
Thank Zyy, I can not wait to try it.
Great app, this work for me and thanks for sharing
A good share Bro. Am doing it to test
Thank you my men its working for me very good software
Thanks dude, this is really good piece of software!
Ude i've read your method to unlock this extension but still didn't understand how to do that cracking

is working now thank you i will test it out now.thank you again the best....
I still cant import the articles in to GSA ser, it says nothing extracted. anyone getting this when trying to import to the GSA ser?
The Link is dead. Wasted 50 points. Can anyone provide a working link.
The thread is old and link is dead, so thread now closed to further discussion.

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