Greetings! I need just a little help!
Hello everyone

My name is Andrey and I'm new to this forum.
I am glad to represent Biggico - crypto affiliate network. I hope that I can find people who can be interested in our services here.
But I have a little problem:
As I can see "recommended networks" is the most suitable part of the forum for the thread about our network. Tha main thing is that I can't post there. Can anyone tell me why?
Also, all threads are created by users with "network rep" status. How can I get it?
I can post my thread in "Best affiliate programs". But I think that "Recommended networks" is more suitable. Please, tell me if I am mistaken and I should post my thread within "Best affiliates programs"

Best regards,

Affiliate Programs
You should post in best affiliate programs for now until you've made a few helpful posts elsewhere showing that you're not going to just spam us and leave. Then, after you've been here awhile and made some posts you can contact the admin to get upgraded to network admin status.

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