Guide To Run Mobile Campaigns In INDIA.
Few people were discussing on running a campaign for Mobile in India and most of them suggested run in Hindi, India campaign and Hindi?? You must be crazy.

For those who really want to target India here are my 10 tips.

1. India is a multilingual country.
2. Only 30-40% of Indians have Mobiles, that too smartphones.
3. People who use Android to iPhones are 95:5, due to cost of phones.
4. Android phones are available in the range of from $50+, so its affordable for even uneducated citizens.
5. 35% of Phone holders in India are uneducated.
6. People dont click on linguistic ads on mobile.
7. Getting people to pay or subscribe in India is very very difficult.
8. People prefer something like 'Free','Easy Money', 'Free Mobile Talktime recharge','Flipkart coupon code','Snapdeal coupon code','Big Bazar cashback offer'
9. Better clicked are images, people dont read ads and most educated people cancel/close them immediately.
10. A housewife plays candy crush for timepass always. Smile

Hope this helps most of them who want to target my sweet India.
These are just stats... not earning or targeting tips. Thread unlocked.
Something important is that the traffic of facebook ads from India is very economical and you can launch 4G mobile campaigns that match very well.

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