[HOT & EASY] Make $45+/day! [NEWBIE] [October 2016]
This is a easy method to understand, this is for newbies that is struggling to make money.

It should be clear enough, i typed this fast since it’s not rocket science and everyone should be able to understand. Still got questions? Ask and someone will probably answer… Peace out!

Alright, today I will share a method that is capable of making decent $ per day (even 100$+ with good niches and if you’ll find twists).
This is nothing new or something that you won’t know (perhaps some of you didn’t even think about doing this, since it’s so simple). Although, I will spoonfeed how to work faster, more efficient and perhaps you can find your own twists to this method and milk it even more.

This is easy, all you need is 1 facebook account and a cpa account (I use cpagrip for this example).

Let’s get started shall we? You can get your first page up and running within 5 minutes, and perhaps get your first lead within 10 minutes of reading this. I’m not even kidding.

1) Register to a cpa company that accepts incentive traffic (mind you this is blackhat) I personally use cpagrip
Non affiliate link: click here
affiliate link (as a thank you): CLICK HERE

2) once you registered find a niche you would like to promote (i used hacks/cheats/keygens etc…) but you can try perhaps weight loss ebooks or some other stuff.

We will be promoting this niche in facebook groups, good niches are when groups have frequent updates, big follower base, active following that post comments…

I just took this niche as an example, it probably is a decent one as well.
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In this case, there are 20k followers, the last update was 16h ago, 4 people liked it and 0 comments.
This means if I would comment all people would see my comment that visit that page. since its the only comment lol.

3) go to google and type niche + [email protected] and go to google images (i used this one in my example Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. , take the best looking one. edit out their site if it’s linked in the tool (do this in paint) or if you want you can leave it, these are minor details.

4) now if you’re working with cpagrip just go to url/file lockers and make a page. add the picture you have saved from google images and put it in the locker like so:

[Image: 1LJzaAhl.png]

edit the title/size and upload date etc …

here is how it looks in cpagrip, I mean you can make it however you please. I made it fast and simple. It’s still good looking… took me literally 2 min per niche to make 1 page.

[Image: jzsqIsIl.png]

5) now go to the facebook group that you found earlier and post the link in the comment section, and you’re done. Next one please ?
if you want you can make more facebook accounts, and reply to your own comments like oh thanks it’s working I just generated a bazilion coins…

Some tips:
Facebook will ban/lock your account if you post directly to an old cpagrip link. What I did was ask my cpa manager to give me a new link every 2 or 3 days before it got detected. They just gave me a link that was not yet on the site, it appeared like 2 weeks later. I can imagine the AM not giving the links out anymore since perhaps many people will use this, just use redirect it simple.

Use a female account for games like sims, or some other girly phone games looks more legit ….
Use a male one for other games …
You can try this for pages with weightloss and lock some weight loss ebooks or whatever, just think a bit

don’t only stick with facebook, use perhaps google+ pages (just think ? )

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