Do you want to make your twitter or instagram profile impressive by acquiring thousands of followers quickly? Increasing your twitter or instagram following - gives a big boost to your brand image and drives more traffic to your website leading to higher conversions.
People hardly follow account that has few or just a thousand of followers. They are only moved to follow you if they discover you have huge follwers like up to fifty thousand and above.
Because of this reason, we have device a means of gaining thousands of followers in few days without much stress.
To attract others to follow you on twitter or instagram all you have to do is
1a. Have a good bio, attracting profile picture ,cover page and sharing interesting posts.

1b. [OPTIONAL] Duplicate an account of a celebrity that has thousands to a million followers in your niche. Rip the profile picture, the bio, cover page and a bit difference in the username. Like @justinbieber you can make yours justinbieber_1. After weeks you have gained much followers you can now change your username (profile name) to suit your brand.

2. To gain up to ten thousands of followers in two to three days very cheap and affordable i suggest this site >> Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites. [Am sure they delivers]. REASON: people will be moved to follow your account if you have many followers and they rarely follow accounts that has null or few followers. This is not my website and am neither on affiliate with them. Am just sharing what works for me.

3. Having much followers, you can go ahead and follow accounts that has much followers, like up to hundred thousand and above. I filter my following to only account that has up to one million followers. Twitter and Instagram mobile application has a system that brings a similar account as a next option when once you follow an account. If you follow an account like @justinbieber or @akon the next to follow it will be similar account that has up to one million followers. Do this by logging in to your account using a mobile application and search a name like @akon. Open the complete profile page and tap on follow. The system automatically brings about three options of a similar account of same huge followers. Keep following as it slides off immediately and bringing out new accounts for you to follow. Very easy with mobile application.

4. If you have followed about fifty to a hundred accounts that has one million each that is to say your account is interacting with up to fifty million people but not all of them are online so you still stand a chance of many people seeing you and follow you too.
You can unfollow those celebrities or popular account after an hour or so; very easy without using any third party application which might even risk your account. Just open your profile and tap on your ''FOLLOWING''. Begin to unfollow them; its very easy as you can do that within two to three minutes. Keep following and unfollow accounts with huge followers only after some hour. Site back and see the followers and likes flooding in.
For Instagram users using the current version of instagram will keep asking you ''Do you want to unfollow?'' before each unfollowing process is done which is quite boring and time consuming. What i do is to search for ''Instagram version 4'' on google. Download it and use it to unfollow. The unfollowing process is easy as it will not ask for confirmation before one total unfollowing. If done with unfollow go to >>SETTINGS>>APPLICATIONS>>INSTAGRAM>> Open it, wipe data and uninstall it. Reinstall the new version 7 for new following after some hour. (Android users)

5. Go to your ''HOME'' where recent activities are viewed. Look for a post just about few minutes ago and like it. Tape on ''Likes'' and will see list of people that just liked the post. Follow them or go to their page and like them too. Doing this will make them follow you back because they are currently online. Going to and account and start following is a complete wast of time; you will end up following dead accounts will will never follow back or socialize with you.

6. Keep liking, commenting and sharing with others and they will do to you in response.

7. Monetize your account.
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Oh ok, to be simple; you have to buy followers and follow people
Awesome share man. I will try some on to raise instagram follower
I am borring with exchange but this awesome guys
(02-22-2016, 08:48 AM)sh0m3d Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.I am borring with exchange but this awesome guys
Yes .. thinking of opening an exchange site like addmefast. Want the script
It's better if you can get real follower and every tweet or post there is interaction with your follower.
Your suggested is not displaying, what should i do, is there any alternative

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