Has been approved by adworkmedia, but completely dont know to do
Firstly, i'm a complete noob as i said, im just get on this forum and thinking want to join it (i dont know because of this forum have a interesting topic that i never heard before or the CPAHero's header picture is really nice :p) ... so i came to register and then i required to join one of CPA program.. so i choose adworkmedia, i register there and i dont know if there is a approval system that i must wait. but i tell on CPAHero's registration i've been registered on Adworkmedia (Lol) ..

a few days later i get a mail from adworkmedia and i got approved, well i think must do something because that i dont know before is, it's quitely hard to join that program -_- ..

okay.. so.. any help for is very appreciated, maybe we can talk via skype or anything, i just want to find my "guru" :D
I'm also interested in an answer for this since I'm also trying to work around CPA/PPD world a bit.
Any help for me? it would be so appreciated :D

please..? please please please please..
Any one help me on this ?

I am searching for best method
(06-12-2017, 09:04 AM)chandreshvshah Wrote: Signup or Login to view earning guides for mobile apps and websites.Any one help me on this ?

I am searching for best method

buy some mastermind method.

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